100% Ceremonial Cacao | Single Origin • Ucayali River, Peru

Endorfin Foods

Origin: Peru | Size: 255g
This cacao comes from the greater Ucayali River near Pucallpa, Peru. The cultivation of cacao in this region is part of a national and international effort to provide alternative sources of income to replace coca cultivation. Additionally, several of the cacao farmers are Shipibo-Conibo, an indigenous community known most widely by westerners as the cultural stewards of ayahuasca, an entheogenic plant brew known for its psychedelic and vision-inducing properties. We sincerely believe in the entheogenic capabilities of cacao as a heart-opening celebratory sacrament and are honored to source cacao from a region ripe with this type of reverence for plant medicines. A recipe for preparing ceremonial drinking chocolate is included on each bag. Please understand that this is 100% cacao delivered in 1" wide flat discs that are perfect for snacking or beverage making. This is not a highly processed powder, and not sweetened in any way.


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