Ainagashi Blue Earthy Bowl 5.08"

Miyake Ceramics

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The stunning Ainagashi collection features a blue accent glaze juxtaposed against warm earthy hues. The mottled finish contributes to the rustic charm of this versatile collection, which is the perfect in elevating presentation. With its textured look and handmade feel, this line is replete with visual interest. For those looking for a unique plating solution that will enhance rather than compete with your cuisine, look no further than the Ainagashi collection.


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The Ainagashi series ceramics are a Mino-style ware from Gifu prefecture. Mino ware is one of the most famous types of Japanese pottery with over 400 years of history.
These ceramics are thick and sturdy with a rustic design.  The textured indigo glaze over the brown background, the Ainagashi tableware invokes images of nature with an elegant touch.

• Material: Ceramics (Mino Ware)
• Dimensions: 5.08" dia x 1.89" ht (12.9cm dia x 4.8cm ht)

Please be aware that these bowls are consumer dishwasher safe but we highly recommend that you wash them by hand.