Amabito No Moshio

Doragon Provisions

Origin: California | Size: 300g
Moshio literally means "seaweed salt" and displays a unique beige color and its flavor is round and rich due to the presence of ample minerals and other elements - calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine and umami. Moshio is the earliest known sea salt produced by our Japanese ancestors nearly 2,500 years ago. Although Japan is surrounded by sea water, the country's humid, rainy climate has never been well suited for large-scale production of dry salt. Our ancestors made do with salt-ash, which they produced by spreading seaweed on the beach to dry between storms, rinsing the plants in an isolated saltwater pool, and then boiling the brine with bits of remaining seaweed in a clay pot over a wood fire to evaporate the water, crystallize the salt and reducing the seaweed pieces to ash.


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