Bamboo Salt

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Also known as “jukyeom,” Bamboo Salt is a traditional infused sea salt that has been made in Korea for decades. Its distinct, slightly sulfurous aroma and light, salty taste adds a complex layer of flavor to many dishes.

Traditionally used for medicinal purposes by Korean herbalists, bamboo salt is made using a time and labor-intensive process. First, natural sea salt is packed into hollow bamboo stalks, and then the open ends are sealed with mineral-rich clay. Next, the bamboo stalks are placed in a pine wood-burning furnace and roasted up to nine times. On the ninth roast, the salt is heated to such a high temperature that it melts, and when cooled it must be ground back into fine-textured salt crystals. The five essential components needed to create this unique salt (sea salt, three-year-old bamboo stalks, yellow clay, pine wood, and a steel furnace) are said to represent five key elements (water, wood, earth, fire, and metal).

This extensive roasting process imparts a unique, slightly sulfurous aroma and flavor to the salt, with the flavor’s intensity increasing with each roast.

Use this distinctive infused salt to add a complex, salty flavor to anything from roasted vegetables to egg dishes.


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  • Sprinkle onto roasted or stir-fried vegetables
  • Incorporate into Asian-inspired soups, sauces, and condiments
  • Add complex, salty flavor to pickled or fermented food
  • Salt, Bamboo