ROUND ONE - Reaper, Scorpion & Habanero Pepper Distillate


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We've been working on super-hot pepper distillates for over a year and finally have an amazing product ready for release! Round One Pepper Distillate is made with a copious amount of Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and Red Habanero peppers. We then perfectly age the distillate to develop an amazing pepper-forward flavor profile and brilliant red hue. If you enjoy huge pepper flavor and searing heat then Round One will be your new favorite distillate! Similar to a super-hot pepper tincture but manufactured differently to produce more flavor and higher heat. This one is extremely hot... a single drop will get you there! We like to use this one to pump up the heat and pepper flavor in our favorite hot sauces Ingredients: Ethanol, Carolina Reaper Peppers, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Peppers & Red Habanero Peppers


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