Bombom Gochujang


Origin: Korea | Size: 220g
BOMBOM GOCHUJANG: KOREAN ORIGINAL HOT SAUCE One of Korea’s most loved ‘mother sauces’. This fermented red chilli jam has been used in Korean cooking for hundreds of years, alongside staples like soy sauce and miso. Hearty umami flavour with sweet, medium-spicy notes! BOMBOM Gochujang is a one-of-kind staple, conjured up with our favourite spices and countless taste tests for an authentic taste that’s just right. It’s the ultimate match for meat, salads and more, and can be used straight from the jar on everything from traditional Korean bibimbap to a classic roast dinner or even quick cheese toasties. INGREDIENTS: Red pepper powder, glutinous rice, soybean powder, soy sauce, sea salt, sesame seed, grain syrup, sugar, anchovy powder, dried kelp, black pepper, onion, apple, water, ginger, garlic.


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