Chili Beak - Citrus Habanero Caramels

Chili Beak

Origin: Utah | Size: 113g
● SWEET & CREAMY WITH A TANTALIZING BURN: When you pop these spicy Citrus Habanero Caramels into your mouth, you’ll experience an explosion of flavor. These caramels are a phenomenal combination of sweet, citrus and spicy with a soft and creamy texture. Orange oil is added to traditional caramels along with Chili Beak ● SIMPLE, PREMIUM NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Chili Beak gourmet candy caramels use only the best ingredients, responsibly sourced. We take great pride in producing high quality, all-natural chewy candy caramel. Our small batches are hand-stirred to perfection right here in the USA. We never use any preservatives or stabilizers in our caramels. .


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