Chrouk Metae - Cambodian Chili Paste

Angkor Cambodian Food

Origin: California | Size: 99g
Chrouk Metae is authentic Cambodian chili paste that is similar to sambal, but with more focus on chili flavor and less on other ingredients. It has a robust flavor, clean aftertaste, delightful texture and natural deep red color. Chrouk Metae has a good balance between spiciness and flavor and unlike other chili pastes, it contains no oil. It is traditionally served as a spicy condiment with grilled or pan-fried meats, as well as noodle dishes. In Cambodia, Chrouk Metae means fermented chili. Angkor Chrouk Metae is our chef’s family recipe made without fish sauce yet it retains the rich umami flavor that is essential in Cambodian condiments. Made with clean high quality ingredients, this vegan chili paste is perfect for spicing up dishes in virtually all cuisines.


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