Coconut Fiber Straw Cleaning Brush

Doragon Provisions SKU: SBRB-0001-01

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Clean your reusable straws the eco-friendly way with these coconut fiber cleaning brushes! They~re designed specifically for large boba straws, so your straws get squeaky clean in every wash. Coconut fiber bristles have a balanced stiffness & softness to clean metal and wooden straws well. Their metal handle is also long enough to reach areas that are usually hard to clean. With that, you can rest assured that every sip of your fave drink or smoothie is pure goodness. No need to worry about residues from your drink the night before~they~d be gone for good with the use of a coconut fiber brush. DIMENSIONS Length: 9~ (23 cm) Width: 0.4~ (1 cm) CARE INSTRUCTIONS ?? Rinse and air dry after use ?? Do not soak for long periods


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