Dill Havarti

Keystone Farms Cheese SKU: CH 174

Origin: Pennsylvannia | Size:
1lb. (16oz.) block Individually wrapped for retail This rich, buttery semi-soft cheese enhanced with the bold flavor of dill, which adds a delicious and sophisticated taste to any sandwich! Snack on the go or compliment your favorite recipe with it such as angel hair pasta with a havarti cream sauce or a sliced turkey, dill havarti and herbed mayo on a ciabatta roll! The possibilities are endless! Pair well with Havarti is easy to pair and you really can partner it with just about any drink that sounds good in the moment. If we were pushing your havarti-filled cart in the beer aisle, however, we’d fill it with weiss beer, doppelbock, stout or esb. Wines that we match with havarti include buttery chardonnay, riesling, sauvignon blanc, beaujolais or an on-the-lighter-side pinot noir.


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