Fifth Taste Foods, LLC - Chile Crisp - Celebrating the Flavors of Oaxaca, Mexico

Fifth Taste Foods, LLC

Origin: Missouri | Size: 260g
Unleash an explosion of spicy umami, crispy chiles, and toasted seeds with a sweet finish of mango. Celebrating the aromas and tastes of Oaxaca, Mexico. Our brand oo’mäme layers flavors and textures on a foundation of umami, the Fifth Taste, with a backbone of chile heat. This line of all-natural, gluten-free, low-sodium products celebrates incredible flavors from around the world. While there is a well-established penchant for hot sauces and chile oils, few have umami and fewer still layered textures. We challenge the status quo using an engineer’s design approach for innovation in particulate size and taste. oo’mämē delivers the optimal sensory experience including ingredients that deliver pops of flavor, along with crispy, crunchy, and chewy tidbits. Every bite is an adventure. Second Place 2021 Scovie Award - Condiments Hot & Spicy - Chile Oil Category


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