Fire Hot Sambal Paste

Mak Tok SKU: KM0317

Origin: United Kingdom | Size: 190g
Fire Sambal Paste (185g): Fabulous bright red colour with good consistency and interesting smoky aroma. On tasting, the delightfully smoky aroma is appealing and well rounded with a subtle sweetness. Use it in your Chilli con Carne or fajitas for that ultimate flavour. Heat: Very hot Product Story - The Fire Chilli Paste is known as Sambal Bajak in my family. Whenever mum makes this, she would wear double-layered gloves to protect her hands from burning for a week. Inspired by The Dragon a.k.a my mum! LOL. Ingredients: Onion, sugar, red chilli (14%), dried red chilli (14%), rapeseed oil, tomato, garlic, white wine vinegar (sulphites), lime juice, salt. Made in a factory using nuts.


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