Galangal Powder

Angkor Cambodian Food

Origin: California | Size: 34g
Galangal root brings out the unique aroma and flavors in Angkor Cambodian Food's Lemongrass Paste. It also enhances heat and adds special texture to the cooking paste. It is like a big brother to ginger; spicier, stronger aroma and more fibrous. Galangal root, also known as blue ginger, tastes wonderful in a variety of Cambodian dishes. It is preferred over ginger when cooking beef or game meat. It is the main spice for Cambodian sausage, Twah Ko and it is a must have in many of Cambodian soups, including: Sweet and Sour Pineapple soup and Lime based Chicken Soup. It is also use in popular Thai soup Tom Kha. It can be a good substitute for mustard powder and ginger powder. One tablespoon of galangal powder is equal to two tablespoons of freshly chopped root. Our galangal powder is hand selected for quality and consistency. Packaged in a standard size, reusable glass spice jar with shaker fitment.


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