Grapefruit & Pepper - Freshness Collection

Food Crayon SKU: CRA-015

Origin: Canada | Size: 18g
How to use : The bitterness of grapefruit and the lemony taste of Timut pepper provide an ideal seasoning for all fish (salmon, smoked salmon) and shellfish. Try the Grapefruit & Timut Pepper Crayon on your salads (shrimp avocado, endive, tartine with ricotta, walnuts and fruits) or on your desserts like panna cotta. It's also delicious on cocktails with Vodka. Ingredients : Grapefruit juice, Apple cider vinegar, salt, Agar-agar, Timut pepper, natural grapefruit flavour, natural citrus flavour, gluten free tamari, grapefruit essential oil, locust bean gum. Contains: Soya How it works : Sharpen some shavings on your plates, over your desserts or drinks as you serve. How many shavings : 5 to 10 shavings per plates. 1 or 2 shavings per bite size serving or on a drink. Shelf life and preservation : Food Crayon lasts up to 12 months. Once open keep them in their tube in the fridge.


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