GROSCHE International - GROSCHE BREMEN Manual Coffee Grinder, Ceramic Conical Burr

GROSCHE International

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The GROSCHE BREMEN manual ceramic conical burr coffee grinder is designed to help you get the perfect cup of coffee with a simple and reliable mechanism that will evenly grind your coffee beans. When it comes to coffee beans, fresh is best, especially with the BREMEN manual coffee grinder. The adjustable gears for fine or coarse grinds allow you to go from coarse grind (perfect for French press coffee) to medium grind (ideal for pour-over coffee makers) to fine grind (perfect for espresso). You will find that the grinds will be more consistent with a manual burr coffee grinder. Its also easy to use and does not require electricity, making it a great tool while camping or travelling. GROSCHE is on a mission to change the world, one cup at a time. Every product you purchase from GROSCHE provides 50+ days of safe drinking water to someone in need via the GROSCHE Safe Water Projects.


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