Gullo - Deep Frozen Cooked Tentacles

Provisions Trading Company

Origin: New York | Size:

Gullo Seafood’s pre-cooked octopus legs make for a simple, succulent meal—just thaw and eat. You can also toss them on the grill, sear in a pan, or cut up for a salad. Perfectly cooked octopus all the time! Gullo’s wild-caught, sushi-grade, octopus legs are tenderized with sea salt and ice water, and then tumbled.

Started by Frank Gullo in Westbury, New York, Gullo Octopus are purveyors of the finest sushi-grade octopus, sourced from waters off of Spain and Portugal. Gullo tenderizes the octopus via a proprietary process that uses only sea salt and ice water. A longtime favorite of Michelin-starred chefs, Gullo Seafood is New York’s premier octopus provider.


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