Gustus Vitae - Spicy Baja Seasoning

Gustus Vitae

Origin: California | Size: 62g

Hola from the land of the Aztecs! Living in SoCal as we do, Baja California and it's friendly people, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine is never far away, in distance or in our minds. We'd be ashamed to admit how many tacos we eat on a weekly basis, but suffice to say that we've experienced (more than) our fair share of great Mexican food. So crafting this gourmet seasoning wasn't something that we took lightly, or rushed. Our artisan Spicy Baja Seasoning is a gourmet way to instantly transport yourself from your kitchen to the sunny shores of the tip of Baja California - rich in life and flavor, and not just a little spicy.


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Our Spicy Baja Seasoning Contains: California Salt, Chile Pepper, Salt, Cumin, Oregano, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper and Crushed Red Pepper.