Hibiscus Chile-Lime Salt Ounce

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Hibiscus is a type of flowering plant native to tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. Hibiscus plants are beloved for their large, colorful, trumpet-shaped flowers, which hold symbolic meaning in many cultures. In Hawaii, where the yellow hibiscus is the state flower, hibiscus flowers of all types are worn as leis or tucked behind an ear to indicate marital status. Hibiscus flowers also carry cultural significance in India, where they are offered to the gods in religious ceremonies.

Hibiscus flowers are also used in many societies to make a tart herbal tea, which can be served hot or cold. In Nigeria and parts of West Africa, hibiscus is enjoyed in a popular fruity beverage called zobodobo, named for the Hausa word for hibiscus. The drink is made from an infusion of hibiscus mixed with pineapple, ginger, and sometimes oranges, watermelon, or other fruit and is usually served cold.

Chile-Lime Salt is a flavorful combination of chile pepper, lime juice and sea salt. Combined with tart hibiscus, they create a bold mix of flavors to provide a uniquely spicy, tart and salty balance that is perfect for sprinkling over fresh fruit, rimming cocktail glasses, or using as a seasoning for grilled meats.


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