Hinoki(Japanese Cypress)Cutting Brd w/STNd 17.7"x 9.4"x 1.2"

Doragon Provisions

Origin: Japan | Size: 3.22 lb
Hinoki, or Japanese Cypress, is a single-piece soft wood from the conifer family. Due to its pleasant aroma when wet and natural resistance to rot, fungus and other bacteria it is commonly found in traditional Japanese bathhouses called onsen. Hinoki, like other conifers such as cedar or redwood is dimensionally stable, soft and tough, so it will resist warping and cracking that is common in other woods. Its softness is beneficial when using hard, thin Japanese knives. this will allow the edge to last longer and mitigate risk of damage. This single-piece Hinoki cutting board is the optimal choice for stability, but it is increasingly becoming more difficult to provide a larger size cutting board as larger trees are much more difficult to find these days. The tab at the bottom of this board turns out to allow it to stand upright during drying and storage.


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