Kookwanmo - Black Marsh Snail Vinegar (Aged 8 years)


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We had to do a double take when we came across this vinegar during a trip to Seoul. Intrigued, we had to meet the maker who would add natural marsh snails to vinegar. A few months later, Kookwanmo became our first partner and this eight-year-aged snail vinegar became one of our first products.

This vinegar is full of flavor and tastes much fruitier than you would expect. The schisandra berry (imagine a mix between a blackberry and a raspberry) along with honey brings out a hint of sweetness that perfectly rounds out this vinegar.

In Korea, an aged vinegar such as this will normally be diluted with three parts water and drunk on its own. However, we have found that it pairs nicely with a quality soy sauce or sesame oil in various recipes.

● 600ml bottle
● Made in Daegu, South Korea
● Unpasteurized. Non-GMO, no preservatives, additives, trans-fats or refined sugar
● Ingredients: Brown rice, wheat, honey, snail, ginger, schisandra berry, balloon flower root


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