Kookwanmo - Pine Needle Black Vinegar (Aged 3 Years)


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If we had to pick a vinegar to always keep in the pantry, it would be this one. This garlic black vinegar goes with everything - especially savory food. When we first saw this vinegar, we did worry that it may taste too garlicky or spicy. But the garlic flavor and aroma acts as a beautiful undertone of this full flavored, well-balanced vinegar.

It is flavorful enough to be used as a dipping sauce, whether mixed with soy sauce and sesame oil or even on its own (pan fried dumplings dipped in garlic vinegar is our go to snack). We also love this with pork or chicken (as part of a marinade or sauce), drizzled in soups, stews or even pickles. It really is that versatile!

● 600ml bottle
● Made in Daegu, South Korea
● Unpasteurized. Non-GMO, no preservatives, additives, trans-fats or refined sugar
● Ingredients: Brown rice, wheat, pine needles, ginger, jujube


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