Makrut (Kaffir) Lime Leaves Ounce

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Makrut (Kaffir) Lime Leaves grow on thorny, bushy trees. The plant produces small, pear-shaped citrus fruit with bright green, bumpy, wrinkled skin and a highly acidic, astringent juice. The leaves of the tree retain a strong essence of lime flavor and have a unique doubled shape that looks like two leaves joined end-to-end. The attractive jade-green leaves have a clean, fresh and slightly floral aroma and impart a distinctive citrus taste to any dish.

Makrut (Kaffir) lime leaves are indispensable in Thai cooking, from soups and salads to curries and stir-fried dishes. They are also widely used in Indonesian cuisine. Their exotic aroma permeates and enhances all other seasonings in a way that cannot be achieved through substituting other citrus leaves. Makrut (Kaffir) lime leaves are often used in combination with lemongrass, galangal, ginger, basil, cilantro and chiles. Being quite thick, the fresh leaves must be cut extremely fine to be edible, while dried leaves are best used for infusing long-c


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