Marques de Grinon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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From the Carlos Falco family farm in Spain, this ultra premium extra virgin olive oil has a gleaming golden hue with exceptionally vivid and intense aromas. The scent is reminiscent of green tomatoes, freshly mowed grass, artichoke and green almonds. Founded in 1292, the historic family estate of Carlos Falco, Marques de Grinon near Toledo, Spain has ideal climatic conditions for the production of both wine and olive oil. The Marques has dedicated the last thirty years to revolutionizing fine wine and olive oil production in the La Mancha region. Several types of olives contribute to this oil's complexity and finesse which has garnered the attention of oil experts around the world. Adhering to the highest standards of cultivation and production, the olives are processed within two hours of harvest. The oil has a gleaming golden hue and pleasant pungency. Packaged in dark Bordeaux style glass with the royal Grinon crest.
Named "Duo," this oil is a blend of two of Spain’s most famous olives. This extra virgin Olive oil is a blend of 90% Arbequina and 10% Picual, made with olives that are fully ripe to give it a fruity aroma with hints of almond and banana. It is delicate and balanced with a mild intensity and length. The aromas of Marques de Grinon oil are exceptionally vivid and bold with notes of green tomatoes, verdant grasses, and artichoke and almond. Its finish is pleasantly pungent which reveals the oil's freshness. Use this splendid oil generously to adorn favorite recipes that call for an anointment of extra virgin olive oil. To preserve the oil's properties keep in a cool place away from direct light. The timing of the harvest and the types of olives used to make Marques de Grinon is critical for obtaining top-quality oil. The harvest lasts for only five to six days and the olives have a high antioxidant activity that helps preserve the integrity of the oil.


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