Masa Harina, Maíz Azul (blue corn)


Origin: California | Size: 32 oz

Making homemade corn tortillas has never been easier!  This Masa harina is made from heirloom blue cónico corn.  It has been nixtamalized, dried and ground for your use at home.  


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All you need to do, is add is water and knead.  We promise, it is easier than making pancakes at home.  1 cup of flour makes 6 (6 inch) tortillas 

Mix 1 cup of flour (116 gr) with 5.5 oz of luke warm water.  Knead with hands until you achieve dough like consistency.  You are looking for a masa that is moist to the touch.  Use immediately after prepared. (you can also add 1/4 teaspoon of salt to water if desired)  Assemble the masa into balls measuring about 2 inches wide and set them aside.