Cooyon SuperHot

Merfs Condiments

Origin: Colorado | Size: 148ml
Merfs’ first SuperHot sauce made with 6,000,000 Scoville capsaicin extract. It’s a Caribbean-style hot sauce: very fruity up front, and a huge kick of spice on the back. It’ll melt your face if you’re not careful. Name: Cooyon (pronounced coo – yawn): a Cajun French word for idiot or fool. HEAT LEVEL: 15/10 REALLY HOT Ingredients: habanero, pineapple juice, water, apricot, lemon juice, garlic, white vinegar, monkfruit sweetener, salt, chili pepper extract Pairings: chicken, shrimp, ceviche, nachos, fruit salad, wing eating contests (where you’re trying to kill the participants)


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