Orange Blossom Honey Condiment

Doragon Provisions

Origin: Spain | Size: 255ml
This fantastic new product is the result of a collaboration between Badia Vinagres and their Moscatel Vinegar (made with organic muscat wine), and Alemany, a legendary Catalonian honey producer, and their Orange Blossom Honey. The balance is incredible, the delicate sweetness in harmony with the bright acidity. Use this vinegar on citrus and bitter green salads or to add subtle sweetness and tartness to any dish. Perfect with dried fruit and cheese salads. It also make an amazing cocktail ingredient. Imported from Lerida in Catalonia in this gorgeous decorative bottle, this unique orange blossom honey condiment makes a bold statement in every way. The names Badia and Alemany have been synonymous with vinegar and honey for more than a hundred years now. At present the two families have continued the tradition for 5 generations and have dedicated themselves to producing high-quality artisan products. Their experience and know-how have allowed them to work together to produce this new and surprising bittersweet


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