Red Miso Vinegar

Ramp Up

Origin: New York | Size: 237ml
Miso is a ‘Umami’ flavor, meaning its bold, rich, savory and undeniably delicious! It’s also a fermented food, therefore making it a natural source of healthy probiotics and great for digestion. The Miso family varies in color & depth of flavor. Our Red Miso Vinegar is more intense compared to its sibling (White Miso Vinegar), with complex and full bodied flavor this vinegar is not for the faint hearted and packs a powerful umami punch!


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White Wine Vinegar, Red Miso (organic soy beans, Organic Rice Koji, (organic rice, koji spores (aspergillus oryzae)) sea salt, water)

Keto, Paleo, Sugar free, Dairy free, Gluten free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Nut free, Lactose free

Vinegar just got really exciting! Introducing Ramp Up Vinegar, the Ultimate Kitchen Condiment and a complete flavor game changer in the kitchen. Handcrafted in NYC and made from real fermented ingredients our uniquely flavored vinegars are unlike anything you have seen in the grocery store and will add a clean, bright burst of flavor to instantly upgrade and enhance the flavor of any meal. Just splash on!