Black Hawaiian Sea Salt

Doragon Provisions

Origin: United States | Size: 1 OZ

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt is renowned for its robust flavor, stunning black color and delightful crunch. Pure Pacific Ocean sea salt harvested in Hawaii is bonded with high-quality activated charcoal to create a striking coarse finishing salt.

- Robust salty flavor
- Deep black color


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Black Hawaiian Sea Salt offers a dramatic combination of color and crunch. Inspired by iconic formations of volcanic rock and famous black sand beaches, this coarse finishing salt adds appealing texture and visual intrigue.

Because of its origin, sea salt contains less sodium and less iodine, but more trace elements than mined salt. These trace elements add subtle mineral flavors to all culinary applications. Black Hawaiian Sea Salt is also enriched with activated charcoal to achieve its unique black color, which also imparts a faint oxidized and earthy flavor.

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt is often used as a finishing salt to give food a sense of dramatic flair at tableside presentation.

  • Fabulous as a finishing salt, its bold black color stands out on red meat and white fish
  • Top sushi, teriyaki chicken, salads, foie gras and vegetables
  • Rim cocktail glasses of Hawaiian or Asian-inspired drinks for a stark color contrast and bracing mineral element
  • A striking garnish and balancing flavor element atop white chocolates

  • Natural pacific sea salt, premium activated charcoal