Gustus Vitae - South Pacific Pineapple BBQ Rub & Seasoning | Bougie BBQ

Gustus Vitae

Origin: California | Size: 221g
Pacific Rim Punch Serve up an authentic taste of the islands with this gourmet, all natural spice blend, crafted in small batches from only the very best sustainably sourced ingredients. Loaded with freshly sourced tropical ingredients like coconut, lime juice, and pineapple, our South Pacific seasoning brings out the best in everything from meats to seafoods, salads to fruits. This bright, versatile spice mix is the one you'll be reaching for time and time again. 7.8 oz (221g) net wt. Crafted in small batches. Hand packed in California from local and imported ingredients. Not irradiated or treated with EtO gas. No nuts, soy, gluten, dairy, or wheat. No MSG, anti-caking agents, or fillers of any kind. South Pacific Pineapple BBQ Rub & Seasoning Contains: Granulated Garlic, Minced Garlic, Coconut Sugar, Minced Onion, Paprika, Coarse Sea Salt, Fine Sea Salt, Pineapple, Lime Juice, Coconut Flakes, Ginger, White Pepper, Celery Seeds.


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