Spanish Yellowfin Tuna Ventresca Bellies In Olive Oil

La Brujula

Origin: Spain | Size: 110g
Ventresca is by far the best part of the tuna ~ the fatty, tender belly. The flaky, tender pieces are much larger and delicious than regular tuna, which not only makes for a more elegant and sophisticated presentation ~ just one flake of Ventresca delicately nestled on an endive and drizzled with olive oil is an elegant appetizer - this Ventresca fillets also come from Yellowfin Tuna, which is is fattier and oilier than the more common Albacore, making this more intense and richly flavored. The Japanese call the belly of the tuna ~Toro~, and serve it fresh and raw in sushi. The Spanish take another approach ~ they take the bellies and cook them in salt water, then meticulously hand pack them into tins, covered in smooth and flavorful olive oil. The result is beautifully moist and tender tuna that~s never dried out or bland. Use Ventresca like you would any other tuna but expect a much richer flavor. Don~t over-season it, so the flavor and texture really shine through. Toss into a salad, pasta or just serve as a simple but delicious appetizer. La Brujula is a Spanish producer of a wide array of canned and tinned seafood specialties, a company that~s respectful of the ocean and all that lives in it, favoring sustainable fishing and catching practices, and using hand-processes whenever they can. From sea to table, they take great care and pride in how they handle the seafood, from the moment it arrives to port to the moment it reaches your table. All of La Brujula~s artisan canned seafood is hand-processed ~ cleaned and packed by hand, one by one, to make sure that only the best clams are picked, and that you get a high quality, delicious product every single time. How to store canned seafood: store unopened tins and cans in a cool, dry place in your pantry. Once opened, transfer to a plastic or glass container and keep covered in the fridge. Ingredients: Yellowfin tuna, olive oil and salt.


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