Special Edition Holiday Jam

Blake Hill Preserves

Origin: Vermont | Size: 283g
Blake Hill's Special Edition Holiday jam was designed as the ultimate gift for the holidays! Featuring the holiday spirit with deliciously fruity cranberries which are cooked in a fruity fresh sauce made from everybody's favorite red fruits (strawberries, raspberries and cherries). Much more fruit, and reduced sugar so even more fruity deliciousness and that little bit healthier than traditional holiday jams, this is the top selling jam in our Specialty Preserves Shop over the holidays! Delicious on fresh baked scones with English clotted cream, alongside apple pie, and perfect pairing for roast turkey. Makes the ultimate holiday cheese board paired with classic aged cheddar cheese or creamy brie. Decadent with any triple cremes! Due to popular request, we will occasionally make more of this amazing jam during the year so you do not have to wait for the holidays to enjoy it again:)


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