Thai for Two Cooking Kit - Pad Thai Each

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Pad Thai For Two Anyone? Pad Thai is a stir-fried noodle dish that is famous for Thai street food. The soaked dried rice noodles are flavored with several Thai spices and tamarind. Chicken and shrimp are often added to make a richer dish. Bean shoots, green onions, Chinese cabbage, and egg are added for texture. Traditionally, the dish is garnished with peanuts, cilantro, and a wedge of lime. Suppose you're doing that dinner for two thing and you really want to impress your guest... this kit is unbelievably easy to make. Add your own protein and vegetables, follow the easy directions, and in less than ten minutes you'll have your first bite. We know that after one bite, you'll be begging for more.

A crowd favorite
Our Pad Thai is a palate-pleasing classic noodle dish.

This cooking kit includes:

Organic rice noodles
Organic dried garlic
Organic dried herbs
Organic Pad Thai sauce
Organic ground peanuts
Organic ground hot chili (for extra spice)


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